Straight Forward Pricing for Mixed Pallets and Pieces

$287.50 - 250 piece pallet
$550 - 500 piece pallet
$1,050 - 1,000 piece pallet
.95 per to 5,000 pieces
.90 per to 25,000 pieces
.85 per to 100,000 pieces

Lower your cost by mixing in pieces from major-retailer canceled orders

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Looking for in-season and hand-graded irregular clothing?


American Stock Lots is now open on Harwin Street in Houston and selling lots of 250 to 100,000.

Come see before you buy — choose the dozens you want. Prices range from $.75 to $1.25 for new summer clothes.

9909 Harwin
Building D
Houston, TX 77036


It’s always best to call first:
832-523-3504 – Se Habla Español
713-203-2483 – Evenings/Weekends

200,000 Pieces in Inventory

Big selection – more than 50 styles of boys t-shirts available, plus girls clothes and more.

Case Packed Clothes

Packaging of Case Packed Clothes